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How to write, publish, and market your memoir with best-selling author, NATASHA MILLER

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What people are saying

KEELIN CONANT,  Entrepreneur

Natasha has created a very, very laser focused course for people to start the journey... I've worked with other coaches and I just really love Natasha's attention to detail, her caring spirit, and that there is so much play involved.


My confidence has increased tenfold or a hundredfold, working with Natasha. She holds your hand through the whole process and opens up her Rolodex to her students.

Founder of Diversability

It is major to be able to get advice from someone who has recently published their own book because all of the successes and failures are top of mind. I also loved that the cohort and live sessions created accountability, while allowing you to go at your own pace.

Write and launch your memoir ... in as little as 8 months

When you write and publish a book, you can proudly point to the tangible culmination of all your hard work and say: I did that!

Sadly, writing and publishing your book is just the beginning. If the book isn't written well, if it doesn't sell lots of copies, if it, well, fails to launch, then you just invested all of that time and soul writing your beautiful story, only to have limited impact.

Welcome to Memoir Sherpa®. We want to help you leave a lasting, impactful legacy by removing the guesswork from writing, publishing, and marketing your memoir. Our program is a collection of knowledge drawn from Natasha's own experience writing and launching an award-winning, Wall Street Journal bestseller. Memoir Sherpa® gives you the best insider knowledge and guides you through the entire process.

Join the authors who have launched their legacy.

What you get

  • 10 modules that guide you through the entire book-writing process
  • 60-page printed workbook for hands-on, interactive assignments
  • Access to our exclusive member portal where you'll find a private community of fellow authors
  • Sessions with publishing and marketing experts, including:
    • Jamie Blaine, Author and Editor at Harper Collins
    • Andrew Kapp, #1 Bestselling Author "The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need to Read"
    • Aryn Van Dyke, Book Marketing Specialist at Harper Collins
    • Naren Aryal, Owner, Amplify Publishing Group
  • Live webinars with Natasha
  • Bonus content
  • Exclusive community content

... and more 

Course Modules

Starting with why we will ideate on your core message and target audience. You'll get immediate access to the Introduction and Module 1. As you make progress through the course, new modules will be unlocked.

  • Create your life outline
  • Map out your inflection points
  • Narrow the stories you’ll share


Inflection Point Creation

  • Build your writers toolkit
  • Plan your approach
  • Master the art of free writing


Write 16

  • Begin to fine-tune the details
  • Learn how to inject suspense into a scene
  • Take your reader into the scene (show, don’t tell)


Dynamics and Shape

  • Understand the types of editing
  • Source and qualify an editor
  • Get constructive feedback on your book


The Editing Process

  • Select your trusted readers
  • Determine the prompts and asks for your trusted readers
  • Put their feedback into action


Trusted Readers

  • Land a bestselling book title
  • Choose the best subtitle
  • Perfect your chapter titles


Developing Titles

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Bonus Content

BONUS #1 How to create Salespages and "Sticky" CTAs to drive more engagement

You'll learn

  • How to design and integrate sales pages, ads and links in your book to continue the journey with your reader
  • Where to place sales pages and GA's in your book and Audiobook
  • How to set up a landing page to collect the email addresses from your readers to stay connected with them
BONUS #2 Secrets to Audio-Book Recording

You'll learn

  • How to select the best recording studio
  • How much it should cost
  • If you should narrate your own book or hire a voice actor
  • I How long it takes to record your book
  • When you should release your audiobook

Hear from our writers

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About Natasha

I'm an award-winning, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. As an entrepreneur, I've been on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in America list 3x in a row, and I want to use what I've learned to help you leave your own legacy so others can learn from you. You'll know when you're ready to make the leap, and we'll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Who is this for?


You're an established entrepreneur who has accomplished INCREDIBLE things!


Writing, publishing, and marketing a book seems complicated, overwhelming, or simply impossible.


You've tried sharing your experience and stories before, but the feedback was lukewarm.

Write your memoir

  • Worksheets for each module
  • Quarterly live Q&A sessions with Natasha
  • Bonus courses and commentaries
  • Updates available for members only
  • Risk-free purchase: If Memoir Sherpa® isn't right for you, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

You get all of this in an annual membership to Memoir Sherpa®.

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